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Assisted Living Facilities Insurance

Assisted living facilities insurance is a specially designed commercial insurance that’s intended for assisted living facilities and similar businesses.

Commercial Property Insurance

Businesses that own buildings and/or land have made substantial investments in their assets, and those investments ought to be protected. Commercial property insurance helps businesses protect their physical assets located in Massachusetts from a variety of potential perils.

CPA Insurance

CPA insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the risk mitigation needs of certified public accountants. Many policies are drafted as multi-coverage package policies, which means they typically provide several protections.

Craft Brewery Insurance

Operating a craft brewery comes with a substantial amount of risk, as breweries are exposed to an array of property, liability and other perils. Craft brewery insurance helps breweries secure financial protection against many of the risks they face.

Cyber Insurance

Since the internet is so essential to basic commerce today, the vast majority of businesses should consider getting cyber liability insurance. Without it, businesses may be dangerously exposed to risks like a data breach or online attack.

IT Business Insurance

IT business insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s designed to insurance needs of information technology firms. Most policies are crafted as package policies, which means they have multiple coverages that work together to create a web of protection.

Legal Malpractice Insurance

If a mistake is made in an attorney’s work, the attorney or firm might be sued for any harm or damages incurred by the affected party. Legal malpractice insurance helps firms protect their businesses and attorneys from many potential lawsuits that are filed over covered work-related errors.

Nonprofit Insurance

Nonprofit organizations might be committed to doing good, but intentions alone don’t shield these organizations from potential risks. Just as businesses face risks that they need insurance for, so do many nonprofits. 

Printers Insurance

Printers and publishers produce materials that are used on a daily basis, but the production of these written materials comes with certain risks. Printers insurance helps protect Massachusetts businesses that are involved in the production of written materials form many of the risks they face.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance helps protect professionals in Massachusetts from covered liability lawsuits that they may face if they make an error while working.

Property Manager Insurance

Property manager insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s designed for property managers. Most policies are underwritten as package policies, combining several coverages together to provide robust protection.

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant owners have made sizeable investments in their establishments, and those investments should be protected as much as possible. Restaurant insurance gives Massachusetts restaurateurs a variety of coverages that shield their restaurants from possible risks.

What is Business Insurance?

Most businesses are exposed to at least some potential risks, and many businesses face a host of risks that they should protect against. Business insurance policies help Massachusetts businesses protect themselves from a variety of risks that they face.

Business policies are a type of insurance that’s specifically designed for businesses and other organizations (including nonprofit organizations). They’re distinguished policies that are designed for individuals, which are commonly called “personal policies.” The term “commercial insurance” is also used to describe policies written for businesses.

Business Insurance in Massachusetts

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Commercial Insurance?

Most businesses in Massachusetts should have at least some commercial insurance coverage in place. Few businesses are completely risk-free, and many are exposed to some risks that could be devastating if a worst-case-scenario occurred.

Additionally, most nonprofit organizations also should have some insurance in place. Merely operating as a nonprofit and doing good is generally not protection against the risks that insurance helps reduce.

What Types of Commercial Insurance Do Insurance Companies Offer?

While most businesses face at least a few risks, there’s no one set of risks that all businesses are exposed to. In order to meet businesses’ varying risk mitigation needs, insurance companies offer several different types of commercial insurance policies. A few of the more common ones are:

  • Commercial Property Insurance

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

  • General Liability Insurance

  • Professional Liability Insurance

  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

  • Cyber Insurance

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Additionally, many insurance companies bundle coverages into package policies that are uniquely crafted for businesses in certain industries. For example, insurers offer:

  • Small Business Insurance

  • Nonprofit Insurance

  • Restaurant Insurance

  • Entertainment Insurance

  • Contractors Insurance

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

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What Types of Package Policies Do Insurance Companies Offer?

Most of the package policies offered by insurance companies fall into either of two categories.

Business owners policies are basic package policies that meet the insurance needs of many small businesses. These policies typically include general liability insurance, commercial property insurance and business interruption insurance, although some other coverages might be offered as optional.

Commercial package policies are more robust and flexible package policies. These policies frequently have many coverage options, which lets businesses customize the protection offered for their particular situation. Commercial package policies are often used by businesses that have specialized insurance needs or are larger organizations.

Business Insurance in Massachusetts

How Much Do Commercial Policies Cost?

Because insurance companies offer many different types of commercial policies, the premiums charged for them vary a lot. Rates depend on many factors, some of which may include the location of a business, the size of a business and a business’ past claims history. Other items that may influence a policy’s price are:

  • How much a business does in annual sales

  • How much a business’ employees are paid

  • What industry a business operates in

  • What precautionary measures a business takes

Even taking into account the varying costs of policies, having coverage is often much more affordable than facing a major claim with no insurance in place.

How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Business Insurance?

When shopping for a commercial policy, businesses should seek out an insurance agent who’s independent and who has worked with similar companies. An independent agent can show businesses policy options from different insurers so that they can select the policy that has the right combination of protections at the right price. Someone who’s worked with similar companies will be able to anticipate potential risks and know how to protect against those risks.

To talk with an independent insurance agent who specializes in one of the aforementioned types of business insurance, contact Roger Keith & Sons Insurance Agency. Our independent agents have helped many different businesses in Massachusetts find the coverage they need, and we’d be happy to assist you.

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