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What is dog walker insurance? 

Dog walking can be a profitable part-time hustle or even full-time hustle in Boston and Massachusetts’s other cities. Assuming responsibility for others’ pets presents some risks, however, and dog walkers should consider what could follow if a dog is hurt or lost. Dog walker insurance may help protect against the financial consequences of risks such as these.

Dog walker insurance is tailored to protect against various risks that dog walkers face. From looking after a pooch to getting in an auto accident, the insurance may provide several important protections.

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Do all dog walkers in Massachusetts need to have dog walking insurance?

Dog walking insurance is broadly recommended for most dog walkers working in Massachusetts. Full-time, part-time and even occasional dog walkers who charge should consider a policy. For example, policies might be purchased by:

  • Professional dog walkers who do this full-time
  • People who walk dogs part-time as a side hustle
  • Pet sitters who regularly walk client’s dogs
  • Pet boarders who offer dog walking as an additional service
  • Businesses that have employees walk dogs

Dog Walker Insurance Massachusetts

Do people need insurance when walking a neighbor’s dog?

Whether dog walking insurance is necessary largely depends on whether money or other compensation exchanges hands.

If a neighbor pays for walking their dog, then personal insurance is unlikely to cover the risks associated with this arrangement. It’s likely commerce that requires a dog walking policy. The same is normally true if Grandma or a best friend pays for walking their dog.

If the neighbor, family member or friend doesn’t pay for walking their dog, then the risks associated would likely be covered by a personal liability coverage (e.g. from a homeowners policy). A dog walker policy probably isn’t needed in these situations, so long as personal liability is in place.

An insurance agent specializing in dog walking insurance can help determine whether a policy should be purchased for a particular arrangement.

What insurance coverages should dog walkers look for?

Dog walking policies provide a number of coverages that can be important. While specific coverage options and needs vary, there are several that dog walkers should consider:

  • General Liability Coverage: May cover routine accidents leading to injuries that others sustain, or damage to others' property.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: May cover a work vehicle that’s used for going to and from clients’ houses.
  • Lost Key Coverage: May cover the expenses associated with replacing lost keys and rekeying the locks of homes.
  • Animal Bailee Coverage: May cover situations involving the death, injury or disappearance of dogs, whether they’re being watched or walked.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: May cover situations where wrong advice that results in a dog injury is given to the client.

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Do dog walkers need to have commercial auto insurance? 

Driving to and from clients’ homes may constitute work driving, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that commercial auto coverage is required.

Dog walkers who use their personal vehicle for driving between homes can often get adequate coverage through their personal auto insurance policy. Some policies cover this type of work-related driving automatically, while others offer the protection through an endorsement. An endorsement is a specific add-on that’s available to supplement primary protections.

In the rare instance that a personal auto policy does not offer any option for work-related driving, a commercial auto policy might be needed. 

If a vehicle is commercially registered and actually owned by the business, then a commercial policy is probably required.

Dog Walker Insurance Massachusetts

Where can dog walkers in Massachusetts get dog walker insurance?

For help with dog walker insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Keith & Sons. Our agents will make sure you find a policy that’ll keep you well-protected whenever walking a client’s dog.

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